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Definition of Metal Rollforming (in 100 words or less)

Katie Bowles May 31, 2019

Metal rollforming can be a complex topic for those new to the industry, but here is an easy-to-understand definition of this important process.

What Is Metal Rollforming?

Metal rollforming describes the process of feeding metal that is finished, coiled, flat, or otherwise, through a series of rollers where each roller station further bends and manipulates the metal into a desired shape or profile. Metal rollforming is used by a wide variety of industries, including automotive, industrial, and construction.

Want to learn more about metal rollforming, its uses, types, and parts? Check out this article for an in-depth explanation of this process and how it has been used in the industry for centuries, or download our Metal Roofing & Rollforming Glossary for a full list of industry terms that are great to know.

Metal Roofing Rollforming Glossary


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