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New Tech Machinery Launching UNIQ® Control System on SSQ II™ Machine

Katie Bowles December 07, 2020

Check out this release announcing the launch of our new UNIQ® Control System on the SSQ II™ MultiPro Roof Panel Machine.

AURORA, CO – New Tech Machinery (NTM), a member of Mazzella Companies and a worldwide leading manufacturer of portable rollforming machinery, is introducing a new and improved programmable control system for their award-winning SSQ II™ MultiPro Roof Panel Machine: the UNIQ® Control System. While the new control system will be first available on the SSQ II, New Tech Machinery will eventually make it the standard control system on all portable rollforming machinery.

This new control system is an improved, safer, more user-friendly, and global solution for all customers who utilize our roof or wall panel and seamless gutter portable rollforming machinery. The new control system will be CE compliant, have built-in troubleshooting capabilities, and is designed to detect certain types of problems and withstand various environments.

Features of the new control system: 

  • Global (CE) Compliance allows for usage throughout the world
  • Simplified screens and purpose-built software for increased user-friendliness 
  • 7-inch touchscreen with high resolution and 16 million colors built into the machine for better weather rating; made of ruggedized glass for increased strength against weather and environmental stresses
  • Metal lockable covers prevent unauthorized use of the machine and vandalism to the touchscreen

Improved safety features added to this machine include:

  • Prevents automatic running of the machine without covers
  • Interlock machine guards prevent automatic running of the machine without shear guards
  • Lockout/tagout manual switch allows users to turn off power to the system and lock out the machine for maintenance
  • Emergency stop to shut off machine engine or motor, but leave power on to the PLC for diagnostics and for the machine to be restarted

“NTM is excited about the introduction of the UNIQ control system as an integral feature of NTM products. The UNIQ control system is state of the art in safety, reliability, and functionality,” says Clark Neft, Vice President of New Tech Machinery.

Similar to the NTM100 and NTM200 Controllers, UNIQ Controls has the capabilities to be integrated with AppliCad’s Roof Wizard program. While NTM only offers a trial subscription, customers will be able to pay for the program after the trial period ends. AppliCad’s Roof Wizard program calculates exact quantities based on the application of panels to the roof model – simulating the installation process.

AppliCad software feeds optimized panel cutting lists into the NTM machine’s control panel. The total length of coil you’ll need for the project is also determined so you know exactly how much you need to buy, without worrying about having too much or too little.

“The UNIQ control system is a global solution that is CE compliant and provides owners and users of NTM products confidence that they are using a system designed with safety as the top priority. Every element of the UNIQ control system was selected and built to be reliable under the harshest conditions. Any user of the UNIQ control system will appreciate the features built into the operator/s control panel that will enable them to download or enter complex cut lists into the system and troubleshoot problems should they arise. NTM is looking forward to your feedback on the features and benefits of the new system,” says Clark.

If you’d like to purchase an SSQ II Roof Panel Machine with the UNIQ Control System, please contact New Tech Machinery at


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