Read our important updates about our current lead times and material surcharge increase as well as the discontinuation of the SSH machine.

New Tech Machinery First Quarter 2021 Update

Katie Bowles January 08, 2021

Happy New Year from New Tech Machinery! Check out this full announcement for what’s coming this year and updates for our customers.

AURORA, CO – We hope everyone is having a Happy New Year! 2021 is expected to be a big year for New Tech Machinery, so we wanted to share what we’re looking forward to this year and some of the biggest updates we’ve made to our business and company to better serve our employees, partners, and clients.

3% Material Surcharge Added

As of February 1, 2021, New Tech Machinery is adding a 3% material surcharge to ALL new quotes and orders due to the increased price of materials. It will be shown as a separate charge on all quotes and orders.

Updated Lead Times

If you’re planning on ordering a new portable roof panel rollforming machine this year, we are currently backlogged into early summer. We recommend ordering  now if you anticipate needing a machine during the summer. The current lead time on our seamless gutter machines is approximately 10 weeks but that can change as orders come in. Please contact New Tech Machinery for the latest information on our current lead times, shipping process, or if you have any questions.

Brand New Facilities

In December, we moved to a new manufacturing facility in Hermosillo, Mexico. Our New Tech Machinery location here is responsible for manufacturing the seamless gutter machines and subassemblies for the roof panel machines. This new state-of-the-art facility will allow us to better serve the market with our portable rollforming machines and equipment. It also allows our employees the ability to work in a safer and more efficient environment. The 27,000 sq. foot layout is complete with a fire extinguisher system and extraction system to reduce humidity. 

In June, we also moved our Denver manufacturing operation to a new facility. This new building has helped increase our productivity, reduce delivery times, and improve our customer service. Not only is the new facility convenient, it will help support the growth of our company, operations, and customer base.

New Products Coming

As we announced early last year, we launched a new control system for our portable rollforming machines, the UNIQ® Control System. We’ll begin shipping the new control system in March, starting with the SSQ II™ MultiProRoof Panel Machine.

The UNIQ Control System is an improved, safer, global, and more user-friendly solution for anyone who uses a portable rollforming machine. We’ve included CE compliance with this control system, improved the built-in troubleshooting capabilities, and increased employee safety with the control system design and interface.

SSQ II Machine Packages

Finally, we’ve designed machine packages for the SSQ II Roof Panel Machine. With these flexible customized packages, they are a perfect fit for entry-level businesses or those who want all the bells and whistles with their machine. You can build your machine exactly the way you want it or as your business demands, all with our most versatile and popular portable roof panel machine. 

The packages are designed by either in-plant or portable machines, based on your intended use of the machine for your business. From there, you have your choice of residential, commercial, or notching. Each package increases in price, but also includes more features and add-ons for your machine to help you get the most out of your machine and make your projects even more efficient.

We hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and productive in their businesses, we have not lost sight of our goals, and our customer’s needs.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to help you. Our email addresses and phone numbers can be found on our Contact page.

Thank you for the continued support and we look forward to helping you in 2021.

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